Crystal and Pearls - Maxine Smith - Designer and Creator

Max Smith - Designer

Max has been making bespoke wedding and specialist jewellery for over 10 years.  Originally trained as a Florist, and then as Beautician, she has a natural eye for creating and designing beautiful things.  She has also been involved in stage props, and been asked to create theatrical pieces for the cast, including crowns and wands, tiara and necklaces. She then wanted to use her creativeness, along with her love of Crystal and Pearls to design a wide range of wedding and celebration inspired jewellery, and this website aims to bring these unique products to the wider public.

Each of these pieces has been designed and hand crafted by Max, in her workshop at her home in Romsey.  You are welcome, by appointment, to visit her to discuss your requirements if you wish to have a pieces made specially for you.

Follow the link below to the shop and discover your favourite piece!  Or if you would like to contact Max, follow the Contact Us Link

One of the most difficult things to show on a website is just how sparkly things are, the way the light catches the crystal changes the appearance in a way that is very difficult to catch on a camera.  We have tried to capture some of the sparkle on video, but if you can’t see a video of the item you are looking for, just let us know and we will set up a zoom link so we can show you it live.

All of the materials that are used are from trusted suppliers, and include Swarovski and Preciosa cut crystal.  Swarovski have recently announsed that anyone buying there crystal has to agree to not label the finished item as Swarovski, to protect there own brand of Swarovski products.  So in the past we would have said “made with Swarovski elements” on a product description, they will no longer allow that type of advertisement. Only people who agree not to do so will be able to get supplies of Genuine Swarovski crystals.  So we now continue to use their crystals because they are such good quality crystal, but we also use Preciosa which are of equal quality, although the hues are very slightly different, the quality is comparable

Max's Work Studio